About DBAD

Don’t be a…

dick, douchebag, dirtbag, dong, dolt, dullard, doofus, dunce, dummy, dork, dimwit, dope, dweeb, dodo, dick-wit, dumbo, donkey, dill, dipstick, dingbat, dingleberry, drongo, dreg, demon, dumb-ass, dummkopf, dunderhead, divvy, dip, ding-dong, dumb-dumb, dim-bulb, dumb-bell, dumb-cluck, ding-a-long, dildo, dumb-ox, duffer, dumdum, drip, droll, dupe, daemon, dog, dastard, dingo, dickwad, dingus, douchecanoe, douche-boat, douche-nozzle, douchewagon, douche-mcgouche, dickneck, despicable, defrauder, desperado, dirty-dog, delinquent, derelict, degenerate, debauchee, dipshit, dickbrain, dickhead…

What are WE talking about?!?

WE all face the challenge of how to be BETTER, to be GOOD at bad times.

The quickest and easiest way to not be bad, is with DBAD streetwear with ANTI-bad Technology
DBAD is an attitude where YOU, DBADer ANTI-bad rebels are GOOD and WE are building the DBAD community together
WE, YOU & US can make the EARTH a better place with an attitudinal change. It starts with YOU wearing DBAD
WE need a uniform to turn US into DBADers,

WE care about YOU and the EARTH. So WE use WRAP Certified Socially Responsible Manufacturing & SEDEX Certified Environmentally Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains.  

Our special place is WATER, WE are mostly WATER. WATER is life. DBADers are ANTI-bad advocates and want to make sure everyone has access to GOOD clean drinking WATER, it is a basic human right; and, DBADers want to protect and preserve the EARTH’s WATER resources from pollution and waste. Please read about our sustainability and ecological efforts in our Sustainability & Ethical Production tab. WE contribute a portion of our profits to these causes.

WE’ve got KISSes for YOU, our mischievous DBADer rebels

WHO doesn’t like a good KISS? Always beguiling, engaging, fun, amusing, stimulating and entertaining

10 Scientific Benefits of KISSing💋

  1. KISSing releases feel-good hormones that have healing abilities
  2. KISSing makes you more alert, it’s the released Dopamine
  3. KISSing may help control appetite and help you lose weight, yep Dopamine
  4. KISSing, your face might look younger, exercising your facial muscles
  5. KISSing can reduce your stress levels
  6. KISSing can reduce your allergy symptoms
  7. KISSing might boost your immunity
  8. KISS a day might keep the dentist away
  9. KISSing might help you determine the compatibility of your mate
  10. KISSing might improve your relationship satisfaction

So DBAD it hurts so GOOD, start KISSing💋

DBAD always has your back and is covering your butt with a KISS.  All DBAD shirts and bottoms have a KISS on the backside so everyone can KISS your booty, as we KISS your gluteus maximus and always have your behind covered!!!